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Why Wellbutrin SR is not for everyone due to Severe Side Effects?

Wellbutrin SR is a prescription medication that is used for treating Major Depressive Disorder and Seasonal Affective Disorder. Because severe depression in a person can bring about wild mood swings and suicidal tendencies, the medication cannot be taken unless a medical practitioner prescribes the drug. You will also not find the drug as over-the-counter medicine as you will need to furnish the latest prescription of your doctor as per the FDA rules and regulations. No pharmacist will sell you the medicine even if you know the purpose. There are two types of Wellbutrin whose generic name is Bupropion, and these are Wellbutrin SR which is a sustained-release version, and the other Wellbutrin XL which is an extended-release version. In short Wellbutrin, SR is a powerful antidepressant that only people with chronic to severe depression may take with the advice of their doctor. 

The drug is used to treat both Depressive Disorders and Seasonal Affective Disorders in patients. In some cases as per the doctor's prescription, it may also be used for other disorders. It comes in several brand names and of which Zyban brand of the drug is especially used to make people stop smoking. The drug works by reducing the cravings of the person for smoking and also reduces other withdrawal effects. 

Regular Checkups during Medication

While taking the prescription drug regularly you will be under observance by your doctor and your family members. Your progress will be checked by your doctor during each visit and your family members must also inform the doctor in case of any sudden changes in mood or symptoms. Some people who had just started on the drug may have suicidal tendencies. It is for this reason that your doctor needs to check your physical and mental health regularly.

You may not be advised to take the drug if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. It can harm you and your child and again you must bring to the notice of the medical practitioner if you are pregnant. Further, you shouldn't stop taking the medication without your doctor's advice as it may make things much worse. 

Some people shouldn’t take welbutrin sr depressant if they have seizures or eating disorders. If you have stopped taking alcohol, other medications, or sedatives you may not take the drug as it can create severe side effects.  You cannot take it if you have an allergy to the medication. Last and not least, Wellbutrin SR has dangerous drug interactions and you may not take other medications along with it. 

Side Effects 

Wellbutrin SR may cause serious side effects and you may need to be hospitalized at once. Many people have a seizure, or experience confusion or unusual changes in mood or behavior. There can be blurred vision, eye pain, or swelling. Again, fast or irregular heartbeats are common and some people have racing thoughts or increased energy that later turn into reckless behavior. 

You may again suffer from agitation, weight loss, increased urination, or muscle and joint pain, and all of these may be because of the wrong intake of medication. It is understood that drug overdose or wrong doses can complicate things further. If you find anything wrong you must at once report the matter to your doctor.

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