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Restless nights of an interrupted sleep can cause several health complications and affect the daytime activities also. Such disorder are often caused by anxiety, stress, and work pressure. One must take adequate sleep to measure a lively life. Proper medications and a healthy routine can help treat such disorders effectively.

Insomnia and its complications

Insomnia is a disorder where an individual fails to nod off during the night hours. In some case, the individual may nod off but cannot stay asleep. Twisting on the bed and twiddling with a pillow is a common habit found in insomniacs. Most of the people affected by such disorder may awaken quite early within the morning and find it difficult to urge back to sleep. While many individuals cannot get enough slumbers albeit that they had proper time to sleep.

Difficulty falling asleep or remain asleep is that the commonest symptom of insomnia. Whereas another symptoms include daytime sleepiness, fatigue, difficulty in concentrating, and irritability. Anxiety, depression, stress, jet lag, night shifts, and environmental conditions like extreme heat, bright light or noise are a number of the factors liable for such ailments.

This disorder can increase the danger of certain physical and psychological state complications. One may have issues with coordination, balance and memory. Inadequate sleep often results in high vital sign, diabetes and heart diseases. It can adversely affect the system also. This disorder can increase the danger of psychological state problems like confusion, frustration, and depression.
Treatment for Insomnia

Insomnia is a disorder which can last for a couple of days to many weeks. In chronic situations, it can persist for a way longer duration also. These disturbances are often treated with proper medications, therapy and a few lifestyle changes.

There are several medications available to treat such disorders. These may include medicines composed of zopiclone and alprazolam. These are effective medicines that function by relaxing the central nervous system and inducing a top quality sleep. Individuals affected by chronic disorders can take any of those medicines to release pain, stress, and attain a sound sleep.

Insomnia also can affect the performance at workplace or school. One must treat the disorder with proper medicines to enjoy a healthy and stable life.

A number of individuals suffer from difficulty in sleeping even after being tired. The condition can happen thanks to emotional distress, medical factors, sleep disorders (irregular sleeping habits), inconvenient sleep environment, lifestyle disorders (caused by alcohol, smoking etc.) or habits e.g. people remaining awake late at nights, taking naps in evening or afternoons, having irregular routines, taking meals late etc.

Some symptoms of insomnia are awakening too early before having a restful sleep, remaining tired throughout the day and counting on pills to sleep. The matter of insomnia can cause daytime fatigue, irritability and difficulty in concentration. These sorts of changes in body rhythm, nerves signalling and restlessness thanks to sleeplessness are often avoided by taking natural sleep aid supplements, the herbal pills which will help in reducing anxiety and relaxing mind and body to stop sleep disorders.

In laboratory tests, it had been observed that the rats induced with the herb could sleep for extended duration because the herb increases sleep time. The study on herb showed it can improve sleep pattern, increase deep sleep and improve quality of sleep. The supplement is additionally related to the reduction in corticosterone levels in serum and reduction in lipid peroxidation within the brain part hippocampus, this helps in improving memory and learning capability.

Study on the herb showed the rats fed with 100 mg per kg of the basis extract had a reduced corticosterone levels in plasma. Eclipta Alba and Withania somnifera work as anti-anxiety and anti-stress herbs. The study on Eclipta Alba showed it is anti-aggressive effects which are associated with anxiety reducing actions. It effect is like diazepam 1 mg per kg in rats.

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