For so many of us Soma has been one magical muscle relaxant. It works great for reducing the pain experienced in the body by primarily treating the muscle spasms and backaches. However, do we really know the drug inside out? Fascinating even, some of the medical studies have indicated how risky and damaging the drug is in long term therapies. In fact, there are strict prescription rules set-up in many countries regarding prescribing Carisoprodol for more than thrice a day. So, I guess it is would be good if we understand the abuse risks that entail with the Soma before you Buy Soma pills online.

What is the Right Dosage for Somas?

After a through research it was found out medically that the most common dosage for Soma pill is 350 milligrams, which can vary from 250-350 milligrams. With the drug running high risks of abuse and dependence the drug is rarely prescribed for more than two-three weeks and taking higher dosage can also bring a patient closer to health risks.

Critical Care

-          Not to be combined with depressants

-          Mixing the drug with Alcohol can be life-threatening

-          Should be taken exactly as prescribed and in the exact dosage recommended by physician.

What to be counted as Soma pills abuse?

-          More dose than prescribed

-          Intake of drug without prescription

-          Using forged prescription.

-          Using coupons to buy more Soma.

Signs of Abuse

-          Tremors

-          Depression

-          Anxiety

-          Insomnia

-          Double vision

-          Euphoria

-          Indecisiveness

The Risks

Carisoprodol can lead to long-term and deadly health risks. It can lead to psychological health hazard. Lack of motivations, increased suicidal tendency, detachment from socialization are some of the potential risks to human mind led by Soma 350 Mg pills abuse, including overdose and addiction.


The worst that can happen with any Carisoprodol drug is building up of tolerance, increasing the possibility of nonprescribed and unruled increase of drug dosage. With this comes the extreme dangers such as coma, shock, shallow breathing.


Dependence on the drug and taking of the drug longer than prescribed can develop extreme negative effect of the drug on the body. Also, patient have reportedly taken the drug for numbing down their nervous system.

Summing up, we hope this information have been useful in helping you decide better for your health also, we recommend that you Order  soma pills online included only from trusted pharmacy sites

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What is the Right Dosage for Somas?

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